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About Cahill Woodcraft & Design

As a boy living at home with my parents I used to sit in front of the fire watching the wood burn right through the winter. Now I feel guilty if I don’t find a use for every scrap of material in my workshop. The thing I like about working with the wood is the creative freedom. If a customer comes to me with a specific idea they will get exactly what’s ordered. Yet, most of my projects are straight from the imagination and involve very little pre-planning.

I got my qualification after completing a two year plc course and since then its been full steam ahead.

I work mainly with beech, ash, sycamore and oak.

Beech has a beautiful grain that runs through the wood and it’s ideal for things like clocks, lamps and mirrors. Ash on the other hand has a beautiful creamy white to pale straw and reddish brown colour. It ages very well. Sycamore has a smooth lustrous white to pale yellowish hue, occasionally with a tight fiddle back figure. Oak has a light tan to biscuit colour with distinctive grain patterns. It weathers to silver grey in a year if left untreated. Oak is a strong beautiful wood and many of the wooden ships and churches that remain today from hundreds of years ago are constructed primarily of oak. I also use the oak for some of my indoor projects. Mixing and matching the oak with the beech works very well. For instance, if I was making up a lamp I would use beech for the base and oak for the upright, or vice-versa.

Once a project is completed the piece is preserved. I use linseed oil and a variety of waxes on the finished work to provide it with a protective coat. This insures it will last a lifetime and maintain its colour and finish without fading.

Oak and sycamore are best suited for pieces to be used outside mainly because they can withstand the weather.

Virtually maintenance free they only need a little annual touch up with a coat of general exterior clear varnish. My outdoor signs are made from both of these woods depending on what the client prefers.

The quality of the wood I use is very important. I get my wood pre-treated from one of the teachers that taught me this skillful art. From the time it’s felled until the time it comes comes to me the wood has to be stacked and stored correctly.


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