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Woodcraft and Design Prices

You can find a list of my prices below. I can design work on request, created to your specifications using any type of wood in any style you choose. If there is something you would like that is not listed below, contact me for more information.

House signs made to what ever required size or same starting price for standard size is 50 Euro. L300*H220*25mm
Thickness. Oval shape & square. I also do larger single and double sided signs for either the private business or the private house owner E.G Beware of dog. No Parking in any font size or style.
House numbers also made to what ever shape or size required. Size available at stand is L240*H170*25mm
Thickness. Both made from either sycamore or oak.  Price is 20 Euro.
Clocks come rounded to suit both wall & mantle piece. They also come square to suit either also. Any required carving can be place on a clock of any particular type shape or size I.E made in shapes of animals/fish.  Material used is beech, oak & sycamore.
Small Clocks with engraving or any sort of carving sell at 50 Euro.
Small Clocks with engraving & mirror sells at 55 Euro.
Medium size clocks with engraving sells at 60 Euro.
Medium size clocks with engraving & self or just shelf sells at 65 Euro.
Large clocks with engraving, shelf & mirror sells at 70 Euro.
Mirrors come in medium & large as well medium sells at 55 Euro. Large sells at 60 Euro these can be got with or without a fitted shelf. Also made from beech oak & sycamore.
Bed side lamps sell at 50 Euro. Sitting room lamps sell at 60 Euro. Larger corner of the room or hall lamps sell at 80 Euro. All made from either beech or oak what ever is preferred or can be mixed matched that being the base made from beech & the upright made from oak or vise/versa.
Anniversary Plaques are made to order as well also whatever size required will be supplied
Wooden bowls come in small, medium & large also. Small sells at 15 Euro medium sells at 18 Euro & large sells at 25 Euro made from beech & oak.
I also do bread plates usually made from oak and beech which sells at 20 Euro.
Mug racks & kitchen towel racks sell at 15 Euro. I also do bell shaped ring holders nice & neat way of holding jewellery safe on personal locker.
Candle holders can also be got these sell at 15 Euro.
If postal delivery is needed after making the order there is a charge on the cost price to cover the delivery. Invoices comes with each order.


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