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Cahill Woodcraft and Design

You can find a small selection my work below. I work with all types of wood and make signs, mirrors, clocks, bowls, lamps, house numbers and mug racks.

My work can be made to order and created to your specifications using any type of wood and in any style you choose.

I take inspiration from the beauty and diversity of the wood I use. Beech has a beautiful grain that runs through the wood and it’s ideal for things like clocks, lamps and mirrors. Ash on the other hand has a beautiful creamy white to pale straw and reddish brown colour. It ages very well.

Sycamore has a smooth lustrous white to pale yellowish hue, occasionally with a tight fiddle back figure. Oak has a light tan to biscuit colour with distinctive grain patterns. It weathers to silver grey in a year if left untreated.

Oak is a strong beautiful wood and many of the wooden ships and churches that remain today from hundreds of years ago are constructed primarily of oak.


9A Co. Waterford, Ireland

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